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May 31, 2023 / Media about us

The owner of Aurum Group Alona Lebedieva: We already went through this in 2014, but, just like then, the attackers will not succeed

For the past decades, russia’s negative, destructive influence on the economy, Euro-Atlantic integration, and the well-being of Ukrainians has been...
April 25, 2023 / Media about us

Alona Lebedieva: People are the main asset one should invest in

Despite the loss of more than 40% of business to the war and part of the territories of Ukraine being...
April 7, 2023 / Media about us

Alona Lebedieva, head of Ukraine’s AURUM Group talks to EU Today on gender equality and Ukraine’s accession to the EU

Alona Lebedieva is the owner and Head of Supervisory Board at the Kyiv based Aurum Group, a leading Ukrainian diversified...
March 5, 2023 / Media about us

The story of one Ukrainian business with a humane “face”

The war in Ukraine dealt a heavy blow to the country’s economy and business. The catastrophic drop in the energy...
September 7, 2021 / Media about us

Aurum Group Launches Operation Of Wheel And Roller Shop

The company has established a full freight-car repair cycle. A wheel and roller shop has been launched into operation at...
March 25, 2020 / Media about us


Kyiv. 28 February. INTERFAX-UKRAINE – Industrial and investment group “Aurum Group” reports on unfounded accusations against the manufacturer of freight...
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