When I step over the threshold of municipal children’s hospitals, my heart involuntarily shrinks and I want to take a step back and get out. I think not only I have such reaction. Why? On the one hand, the diseases of our children bring us here, which is quite hard to put up with for any mother, and on the other hand, the chronic underfunding of medicine leaves its mark on the material and technical condition of the hospitals. In some clinics, repairs have not been done for decades: the plumbing is still soviet, the walls are peeling, chalk does not only come off the ceiling but even drips sometimes. Nevertheless, we, parents, getting here with children, want to be cured and not to get even more problems. Therefore, such nuances make the heart beat faster in anxiety for your children. But today we talk not about this.

I would like to share with you my little joy – one more project on modernizing children’s municipal clinics has been completed. In the Kyiv City Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 1 department of surgery we carried out repairs in the shower room, children’s room and hygiene room.

The shower was completely reequipped, old bathes were removed and replaced with 3 fully equipped shower rooms and a bathroom for children in critical condition. The walls were revetted and a new tile was laid on the floor.

In the ward, designed for 4 seats, the entrance doors were changed, windows, linoleum, lamps and sanitary ware were replaced, a new washbasin was installed, new functional beds and mattresses were purchased for the convenience of children in the postoperative period.

The procedure room was in the worst condition, the ceiling partially fell here and the plumbing like the room itself was in poor condition. Look what has been before and what we have put into operation after repairs.