The expansion of sales markets for Ukrainian goods and services in other countries is beneficial for the economy of Ukraine, but liberalization of trade and abolition of customs duties on the export of Ukrainian goods by partner countries must be strengthened, with a view to extend those for a longer period, says the owner of the Ukrainian industrial and investment group Aurum and the founder of Charitable Foundation Alona Lebedieva confidently.

I believe there are two obvious factors for Ukrainian business to enter foreign markets. Firstly, it is reorientation from the CIS markets and significantly narrower domestic market, compared to the pre-war period, to the more capacious markets of Europe and North America, and secondly, it is a more democratic attitude towards Ukrainian goods in the countries of our Western partners, which is even being transformed into assistance at the legislative level“, – explained Alona Lebedieva, – the Regulation of the European Parliament and the Council of the EU on temporary trade liberalization measures expands the opportunities that Ukrainian exporters have in accordance with the Association Agreement with the EU. A number of countries have already announced the abolition of import duties – Great Britain, the United States, Australia, and Canada have opened up possibilities for Ukrainian exports. As a result, for 10 months of 2022, we have had a 5% increase in exports to the EU, compared to the same period in 2021. However, these processes need to be strengthened more profoundly, introducing assistance on a long-term basis, which will cover the period of the post-war recovery of the country as well.

Alona Lebedieva noted: “The development of sales markets, that is the export of Ukrainian goods and services to other countries, is undoubtedly beneficial for the economy of our state. After all, thus there will be foreign exchange earnings, creation of new jobs, an increase in tax deductions to the budget of Ukraine, etc. That is, we will be able to restore our country sooner. But, in addition to direct financial infusions, the promotion of exports will form a new type of Ukrainian economy.”