Private business must take on a share responsibility, together with the state, for keeping people from emigrating

The war has changed not only the world’s attitude towards Ukraine, but also the way Ukrainians themselves feel about their Motherland, and therefore even more citizens are likely to return home besides those who went abroad with the beginning of the full-scale russian invasion of Ukraine,” – the owner of the Ukrainian industrial and investment group Aurum and the founder of the Charitable Fund, Alona Lebedieva said confidently. However, these processes must be preceded by implementation of infrastructure and investment projects in the country, she believes.

Unfortunately, it’s been several decades that our western neighbors, as well as the countries of North America, are turning into a new home for often the most promising Ukrainian specialists. The year of the war, as well as the liberalization of immigration legislation for Ukrainians, only accelerated this process, – explained Alona Lebedieva, – Nevertheless, I, personally, view this issue optimistically, because the war has changed the attitude of the whole world towards Ukraine and Ukrainians, as well as Ukrainians themselves think differently about their country. Therefore, after the end of the war, I hope, even more Ukrainians will return home, more than left a year ago. The large-scale recovery of the country, its European course will be definitive factors for many emigrants and displaced persons to return.

Alona Lebedieva also noted: “After the end of the war, we expect many infrastructure and investment projects to be implemented in Ukraine, on which a number of solid agreements with foreign countries and businesses have been made. The volume of declared investments exceeds the volume of direct foreign investments received by Ukraine over the last dozen years. This will lead to a significant increase in the country’s GDP, a significant increase in the number of enterprises, and an improvement in the welfare of citizens.

However, according to the owner of Aurum Group, the responsibility for keeping people from emigrating and returning those who have left home is borne by private business: “The responsibility for returning people rests not only with the state. Big business plays an important role in these processes. We must first of all keep people from emigrating by providing jobs, timely salaries, social assistance to the families of our employees and support of the population in the regions of presence.