In the first two months of this year, KRCBW produced 455 freight cars

In January-February 2020, the Kruikivskyi Railway Car Building Works reduced the production of freight cars by 46.3%, to 455 units, compared with the same period in 2019.

As reported by the TsTS with reference to the newspaper of Kremenchuk.

It is noted that in the first two months of 2020, the company produced 8 passenger cars, while in January-February last year – 5.

Earlier, manufacturers and analysts predicted a possible decline in railcar production in 2020. According to the CEO of “Aurum Group” Andrii Zharii, the production of rolling stock in Ukraine has its own strongly-pronounced cyclical nature and it is highly likely that 2019 was the end of the next peak of production, and 2020 could be the year of its closing-up”.

The same opinion was shared by Volodymyr Prykhodko, head of the Kruikivskyi Railway Car Building Works – he noted that 2020 would be a year of stagnation in the freight rail car manufacturing market not only in Ukraine, but also for the entire “1520 space”. In his opinion, demand in the CIS market will continue to decline.

It was reported that in order to avoid the negative consequences of the decline, the KRCBW made structural changes related to the development of trade in the markets of non-CIS countries, strengthened the direction of trade in the CIS markets with personnel and, in addition, they plan to place a special emphasis on innovation.

The fact that the way out for car builders will be particularly new technical solutions that will make it possible to transport more goods due to increased efficiency, said TsTS-Consulting analyst Pavlo Rudenko. According to him, the modernization of existing models of rail cars, or the development of conceptually new types will allow transporting more goods without increasing the total car fleet in the country.