All the machinery was stolen from the Group’s enterprises

As the company reported, the agricultural enterprises “Tavilzhanske” and “Kup’iansk Agroinvest” in the Kharkiv region, which are part of the Ukrainian multidisciplinary industrial and investment group Aurum, have suffered significant losses and are currently in the line of fire, being under constant fire: “Now the situation is as follows, half of the district has already been liberated, while Tavilzhanka, Vilshany and Dvorichne are in the line of fire,” explained Oksana Shylo, head of the Group’s agricultural enterprises, “There are a lot of missile hits. The grain got mixed together with slate, cement and rain. We have about 400,000 tons of wheat grain and about 1,000 tons of barley yet to be processed. The fields remained unharvested – corn, sunflower on 1,300 hectares. In addition, all the machinery was stolen. And the combine harvesters, which due to their primitive nature the occupiers could not start, were shot at close range.

As Oksana Shylo said, besides the Group’s enterprises, the agricultural enterprise “Vilshansk” was the most affected in the Dvorichne district of the Kharkiv region: “It was a complex for 1.5 thousand cows, which were milked by robots. To date, everything has been demolished by bombs. The poor animals were walking in the fields hungry, roaring and blowing themselves up on mines. Nearby, the “Vyselok” farm struggles to survive either. The Russians took all the machines. Animals are dying because there is no feed.

Oksana Shylo also told about the facts of occupiers pressuring the workers of Tavilzhanske and Kup’iansk Agroinvest: “There was a lot of pressure. Those kinds of thugs appeared, as in the 90s, and began to attack the tractor crews and take away machines, when coming to grain processing facilities they tried to take away the grain or force us to sell it. We all went out together and defended the enterprise. They would return with the military, but we kicked them out anyway. We did manage not to sell grain to them. We exchanged internally among the peasants, processed it and helped people.

The “Tavilzhanske” and “Kup’iansk Agroinvest” enterprises of Aurum Group are located in Tavilzhanka, Dvorichne district, Kharkiv region, in a 30-km zone from the border with russia. The annual harvest is about 10,000 tons of grain.