«Alona Lebedieva’s charity foundation «Aurum» renovated a few wards of Kyiv City children’s clinical infectious hospital. More than 3 000 children undergo treatment here every year. Being in hospital, both timely medical care and psychological support and comfortable conditions are extremely necessary for children.

However, the hospital is more than 80 years old and the conditions of the majority of premises as well as of other state and municipal medical centres, unfortunately, do not facilitate recovery. Therefore, while a health-care reform is in full swing in Ukraine, benefactors create themselves comfortable conditions for small patients in hospitals by renovating wards, installing new furniture and updating plumbing.

«Our foundation has begun its work in the current year. I am a mother myself and I know well what it is like to get with a child to the hospital. It is essential that children and adults will be able to receive high-quality service. In turn, we have decided to make our contribution to the development of medical services, renovate wards and buy new furniture» – said Alona Lebedieva, the founder of the charity foundation.

«Alona Lebedieva’s charity foundation «Aurum» specializes in providing assistance with the modernization of material and technical resources to state and municipal medical centres.

«Our hospital was the best in the Soviet Union but since the 90s the material and technical resources were exhausted. Much help is received from the sponsors» – says Tetiana Kaminska, the head doctor of Kyiv City children’s clinical infectious hospital.

According to Tetiana Kaminska, thanks to Kyiv City State Administration the intensive care unit has been fully renovated and equipped. There is a newly paved road around the hospital and health aids are in sufficient quantity. However, the premises of the hospital need complete renovation, including wards for children and a clinical laboratory.

International medical practice claims that unsatisfactory conditions of wards and old furniture are the reasons for high incidence of hospital-acquired infections among patients. Therefore, the modernization of material and technical resources of state medical centres is an urgent issue and without patrons’ assistance it is carried out not as fast as wished it to be.

Komsomolskaya pravda in Ukraine