The vehicle is going to the front, to the very frontline positions

Alona Lebedieva’s Charitable Foundation “Aurum” handed over to the front one more, ninth, Mitsubishi Pick-Up car with all-wheel drive.

This time everything happened very quickly. The fact is that we were handing over ammunition boxes and helping to repair a car for the military, who had previously taken part in the operation on Snake Island. During the repair we discovered that this vehicle has little chances to survive the frontline conditions. However, the day before, we were offered to buy a nice car that was in Brovary, – says director of the foundation Regina Popova, – So we decided to act on it and within a month helped the military with a new car. I am very happy every time we manage to quickly meet the needs of those who turn to us for help, because time today has the price of someone’s life.”

Also, as Regina Popova said, together with the Lviv Defense Cluster, the benefactors bought and handed over to Kharkiv region light body armor for women soldiers: “Unfortunately, the issue of uniforms for women soldiers is still very relevant and remains unresolved. It is very difficult to carry a standard plate carrier that weighs up to 25 kilograms, as opposed to a light one, 5 kilograms, so we try to help by closing this need gap upon request.”

Earlier, in February, the “Aurum” Charitable Foundation managed to hand over 2 cars to the military in the Donetsk direction.

As it was mentioned earlier, the owner of Aurum Group, Alona Lebedieva, recently founded a charitable foundation in Brussels to help those Ukrainian children affected by the war who need rehabilitation in European clinics.