The ringing laughter from the surgical ward of Kyiv City Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 1 made me look inside.

“Nazarchik, look what I can do”, a playful girl shouted loudly, turning the lever of the functional bed like a meat grinder. By doing so, the bed head was slowly turning up, which made children delighted and caused a giggly laugh.

“These are our patients – Nazarchik and Aniuta, a few days ago they were operated, and today, as you can see, they are smiling, moving up and down on new beds and running to the washbasin to wash their hands. In one word, recovering, said the head of the department Svetlana Braginskaya. “Moreover, convenient and comfortable conditions of stay in hospital only facilitate their recovery.”

Having accustomed a little, children, actively stuffing themselves with lunch, talk over each other about how they feel and that they will return home very soon. Ania and Nazar became the first patients of the renowated by “Alona Lebedieva Charity Fund “Aurum” surgical ward. Here, the fund has renovated everything completely: installed good windows, did finishing works, replaced doors and lamps and installed a washbasin.

The ward was totally transformed, it became very light and cozy like home. Also, at the request of the hospital, we purchased 4 functional beds, new mattresses so that children could recover faster after a surgery. When I saw how skillfully a six-year-old girl Aniuta copes with the lever of the bed, I realized that we had done everything right. Besides, we are about to finish repairing the shower room and the procedure room in the department of surgery of Kyiv City Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 1. Our task is to make our children, when they get to the hospital, feel comfortable here and recover faster.

Alona Lebedieva, the founder of “Alona Lebedieva Charity Fund “Aurum”