Children’s clinics in the city of Kyiv are slowly but surely starting to be renovated. This year, the Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 4 of the Solomiansky district turned 57. Founded in 1962, it still treats children from Kyiv on a daily basis. Today, about 120 children can be treated here at the same time.

The clinic is multidisciplinary and consists of two pediatric departments, a department for children with organic lesions of the central nervous system, musculoskeletal system and psychiatric disorders, and a department of vision restoration and preservation. Considering such a large spectrum of spheres addressed, children in need of medical assistance are brought here not only from the Solomiansky district, but also from other districts of the capital.

“About 228 children were admitted to the pediatrics department only, that’s in November, and this is more than usual, though in November we have a traditional seasonal surge,” noted Maryna Kaplun, deputy chief physician on the medical side, head of the department of pediatrics No. 2 at the Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 4 of the Solomiansky District.

According to her, in recent years due to funds allocated from the city budget the communication networks were replaced in the clinic, as well as windows, the first floor was replanned and the major repair of the reception department has been completed, the facade has been completely updated and the first floor was partially renovated. It is on the first floor that there is a pediatric department (early age), where the youngest patients stay with their mothers.

Many wards have not seen renovation for years, and that’s exactly where this year the Aliona Lebedieva’s Charitable Fund “Aurum” carried out major repairs of several children’s wards.

Before repair

“Our foundation has been implementing the program “A modern clinic – a healthy patient” for the third year now. We carry out major repairs of children’s hospital wards and we create comfortable conditions for mother and child to stay here. We install an individual bathroom, a shower in a ward, so that mom and a child could wash themselves without contacting other patients, which is very important, as often patients may come to the hospital with one diagnosis, and catch concomitant diseases here,” — tells
Aliona Lebedieva, the founder of the Charity Fund “Aurum”

After repair

According to Aliona Lebedieva, by creating comfortable home-like conditions for the children’s stay in the hospital, the fund strives to ease the household discomfort and help children recover quickly and without complications.

“By renovating wards, we strive to change the quality of life, to set patients on a positive wave of recovery,” says the foundation’s founder.

“Positive emotions of mother and child help the child recover, they help to recharge and give confidence in recovery, – emphasizes Marina Kaplun. — The Aurum Foundation of Aliona Lebedieva has renovated three wards in the pediatrics department of early childhood in just a couple of months. They replaced the floors, plastered the walls, installed suspended ceilings, new lamps and sockets. What mothers who are staying here with their babies are most grateful for are separate bathrooms with showers equipped in each ward by the fund. Well, just look, isn’t it beautiful! That’s why I convey my sincere gratitude to Aliona Lebedieva, on behalf of our team and, of course, on behalf of moms of our children, because it was for them that such wonderful conditions have been created,” said the head of the pediatrics department No.2 of the Children’s Clinical Hospital No. 4 of the Solomiansky District.