The seventh car has already arrived in Ukraine, the Alona Lebedieva Charitable Fund will hand over a Nissan Navara car together with a ZIL 138 truck, which is on the balance sheet of one of Aurum Group’s enterprises.

«The lion’s share of the funds was provided by the Group, and a part was donated by ordinary citizens. Then, thanks to the cooperation with the “KOLO” Charitable Foundation, a suitable Nissan Navara automobile was found. Thus, soon the seventh car will go to the boys who are in firing positions in the Donetsk region, – explained the director of the Charitable Fund, Regina Popova, – Also, from our enterprises, we are handing over a ZIL 138 cargo truck. That is, it will be 8 vehicles altogether.

Regina Popova emphasized: “I can’t stop admiring the support of ordinary people and thank them for the help. It was not easy for us, but at the moment we expect the car will soon go where it was intended to go. I am sure that the vehicles that mobilize businesses, foundations, and ordinary people to help the Armed Forces have a special power that helps and protects our military. The car, which we handed over to Bakhmut back in November, is still running and helps our guys in firing positions. Together we comprise a super-power.

The charity fund continues to collect funds for the needs of the Armed Forces. Anyone can join the fund’s current projects.

In addition to the automotive sector, benefactors are also engaged in the production of plate carriers for body armor. And as the cold weather approached – in the production of stoves for the front as well. Among the recent shipments there is a specially designed solar station that allows our soldiers to charge batteries for drones, walkie-talkies, flashlights and mobile devices no matter where they are. Ukrainian defenders also received a generator and laptops.

As it was mentioned earlier, from the first days of the war, the Group’s enterprises were helping the local military administrations: they provided fuel, building materials, produced anti-tank hedgehogs and helped in the construction of checkpoints, allocated premises for temporary accommodation of refugees and employees.

According to the results of the work in 2022, the fund sent about 6.5 million hryvnias to help the Armed Forces.